The Other

There is ’’No Other’’
There is only one
That one is You
You alone are accountable for all your choices
You alone have to sleep at night,
And, face the consequences of your actions

There is no one to blame
No where to hide
You say this group did it
This religion is responsible
Always looking
Outside the jurisdiction of your soul
For quick answers
Answers, only the leader of sheep can provide
From which you have become so accustomed
And, from which no peace shall ever come

Spirit is always watching, recording
Knowing your true intentions
Written on the records of your soul
Lie all your thoughts and actions

There is no escape
No group to join
To escape your poor choices
No alcohol or drugs to make you forget
And, till your dying days
Your mind will be recklessly haunted
Fearful, and tormented
By a past too late to be undone

And, a past that can only be forgiven by a higher power
That far exceeds the consciousness of any mortal

So, the next time your thinking is divided
Into ‘’The Other’’
Scapegoating and blaming
Ask yourself this one question
Who is ‘’The Other’’?
You may be surprised to learn
‘’The Other’’ is You!

(Written, and Copyrighted By Teriann Rafal on February 24, 2019)

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