The Artist

My name is Teriann Rafal. I am a self-taught artist, writer, poet, and jewelry designer. Ztarf®Arts was born out of my passion for creativity and originality. My desire is to share with the world meaningful gifts of compassion, love and unity. Ztarf Arts includes my self-interpreted original art, inspirational writings, and my Flagship jewelry line, The Traveling Peace Pendant®.


I was born and raised in Shepherd Park, a suburb in Washington, D.C. People of all cultures lived in harmony and formed lasting friendships here. This provided the perfect backdrop to nurture my soul and creativity. I have always sensed the inner beauty of people of all religions, ethnicity, disability, and socioeconomic status. Growing up as a naturally born interfaith soul, I happily attended my friends’ varied church services. This exposed me to many different religious beliefs.

Knowing that I was born to help others, it felt natural for me to obtain my Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work, and as well as a Post Masters Certificate. In addition, I volunteered to run a local healing group for ten years after having received a healing and being asked to start a group.

Starting a family has enhanced my life in ways I never would have imagined. It provided me with a spiritually rich environment to both parent and live. This has greatly contributed to my personal growth, and spiritual evolution. I am happily married, and the parent of two wonderful girls, one of which was born with Down Syndrome.

Feeling drawn to further my education holistically, I graduated from a three year hands on healing school in New York City. Afterwards, I attended The New Seminary, a two year interfaith program that led to my becoming a fully ordained Interfaith Minister. Each of my varied life experiences have greatly contributed to my heartfelt desire to bring greater compassion, love, unity, and understanding to the world. It has also given me the knowledge that we are all one, connected in ways seen, and unseen.

Teriann Rafal
Managing Member of Ztarf® Arts LLC