The Art

Ztarf®art is an extension of my love of penmanship since childhood. I always loved the way that ink flows seamlessly across a page in endless patterns and geometries. What I draw is a natural expression of my intuitive nature, and deep unconscious process in which I feel guided. As a result, I never know in advance what I will draw until it is completed. Finished, it embraces a multitude of historical, cultural and ethnic influences resulting in a highly distinctive art form that is original and symbolic.

The limited edition inspirational giclee prints are viewed from each person’s unique perspective, allowing the person viewing it to attach their personal meaning to the art, making it reflect their own personality, and life experiences. In this way, my art is participatory, contemplative and experiential. As an artist, I feel blessed, and hold deep gratitude for the inspiration to do this work. I sincerely wish you the same joy and pleasure in viewing it as I had in creating it.