Gifts from the Seasons

It is snowing in New England as we had our first snow. The trees are blanketed in an ever flowing  icing of glistening white. It is truly a miraculous sight because no two snowflakes are alike. There are so many, more than the eye could possibly reach.

Snow is such a wonderful reminder of our unique presence in the world, and of how wonderfully original creator source is. And, what a miracle it is to be here experiencing the duality of this plane in a place we call earth.

Brightness now enters the landscape when snow falls on an otherwise dreary winter day. It is also a reminder to feed the wild birds and to think of animals that may need extra shelter or caring.

These cold winters days are ripe for curling up by the fire in a warm blanket and reading a good book, quilting, crocheting, or beading jewelry. A wondrous call to making a nice pot of soup or stew. And, a time nature asks us to retreat from constantly doing and to Be instead.

These quieter times can afford you the chance to sit in reflection, deeply abiding with the presence of your soul. Inviting you to inquire, day dream, meditate or journal. To feel at peace in the sweet silence afforded to you by this timely opportunity.

Gifts abound when one takes the time to look at the bigger picture of life. To feel gratitude for all that is so abundantly given. Take the time to notice that in this world of duality, there is also a great harmony and balance.

As the leaves die off, the snow come in with its beauty and crystal like brilliance. Only later to be met by a spring full of fresh new flowers, as new hopes and beginnings are birthed, And, before long, the summer nights give rise to moonlit skies and fresh warming breezes.

With each new season, we gain the opportunity to shift our life, and become fluid, more open, expansive and flexible. Giving us new opportunities to appreciate, and awaken to the gifts inherent in each new never ending cycle that we lovingly call life.