Reflections On Our Times

These past 2 years, now going on three have been unprecedented.

We are living when more than ever, we, as a people, all need to come together. We all need to heal individually and as a community as well as collectively as a nation. We are being asked to love one another and to leave our differences behind.

So much has happened in our lives. People now question their current lifestyles, jobs, relationships, and prior loyalties to institutions and corporations and the powers to be. So much has come into question during these rapidly changing times.

Health has become a great equalizer of people of every color, race, creed, socioeconomic group, spirituality and religion. This time is history is a pertinent reminder that we are in this ‘’together’’.  And, that we are connected in ways both seen and unseen, that greatly influence all of our futures.

It is a time to be mindful of our thoughts, word and deeds. We are being called to not blame others who might feel or think different than we do. But, rather instead be respectful of their Free Will to decide for themselves what is best for them.

Families and friends need not be torn apart when people need one another the most. For each person must decide the road ahead they take for themselves.

There is no right or wrong in this journey called life. The soul shall learn from any choice or experience they make. There is no judgment. Everyone knows what ‘’feels’’ right, and the direction they take is theirs alone to mindfully choose.

Our calling card is one of mutual respect, love and compassion. As we all move forward, may it be with grace, respect and a greater understanding. And, allow our pure heart and loving intentions to pave the way for us to become more compassionate human beings,

We are being called to nurture ourselves, our families and roots, the natural environment we live in and everything in-between.

In the days ahead, let us be cognizant of the fact that we can make a difference by our acts of kindness and gentle encouraging words. Doing so will help us grow into deeper, more profound relationships. And, assist us in growing deeper in the direction of unconditional love.