Traveling Peace Pendant Aromatherapy Chakra Bracelet

Excitement was in the air at the Natural Living Expo. I met so many wonderful people, old friends and new stopped by. I was equally as excited to see them as they me! Smiling faces, and positive energy exuded everywhere. You could literally feel it in the air, as I showcased my New Bracelet, the Traveling Peace Pendant Aromatherapy Chakra Bracelet.

These bracelets are adjustable, and unisex. I hand picked each semi-precious stone for it’s healing colors, and representation of each of the 7 major chakras. What is a chakra you might ask? Each chakra represents a different gland, and organ in the body. When all the chakras are in balance, there is physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

I studied the chakras while attending a 3 year hands on healing school in New York City. And, also in the Boston area, with book author Anodea Judith, who specializes in her expert knowledge of the chakras. Seeing the colors of the chakras are reminders to bring greater harmony and balance into our lives. To take the time for our own healing, and time out from the daily stresses of living.

Also, at the Expo, I  was very happy to answer people’s questions about myself, or the pendant, and welcomed all inquires. There is never a question not worth asking if it is important to you. I always answer the best of my ability, and if I do not know, I will tell you so. Commiserating with like minded people is always such a joy. Watching all the new peace ambassadors leave wearing their pendants is moving. That is why I have shared here some of the wonderful people I met. I think you will agree how very special they are, just by looking at their faces

The Traveling Peace Pendant family is growing. These sacred pieces of jewelry radiate, and reflects the soul of the wearer, and can plants seeds of peace everywhere they travel.

Special Congratulations to Keri who was our Traveling Peace Pendant Raffle Winner!