Traveling Peace Pendant®

I designed what was to become The Traveling Peace Pendant ® during my first year as a student at The New Seminary in New York City, just prior to September 11, 2001. My Pendant was originally designed for my graduating class. Since this pendant was so special and sacred to me, I decided to perfect it and make it available to anyone in the world who shares the same passion for world peace and healing as myself. Its intended mission is to travel the world and foster unity among all the world religions and spiritual practices, including those who love yoga inspired jewelry. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fit all of the world’s religions on my pendant. It is obvious by looking at it though, that its message is intended to include all and exclude none.

Today, more than ever, I feel the world is ready to embrace and share its timely message and timeless beauty instilling love and compassion in all who see it. I honor its work and the way it can attract like-minded people as you wear it spreading healing, peace and love one person at a time. I always wear my Traveling Peace Pendant. It is an interfaith peace pendant that reflects who I am on a soul level. When I wear it, I am sharing what I am most passionate about, what I fully believe in and embrace. Its message connects us globally as a one – world family, bringing us together in the common bond for peace and cooperation.