Ztarf® Arts

Ztarf® Arts, LLC is a way to share my passion. Creating meaningful and inspirational art, interfaith jewelry, and creative writing in order to make a positive difference in the world. I work as a passive medium (someone in which information flows through) as an artist, writer and jewelry designer. My self-interpreted art enables the viewer to project their personal vision onto its’ many shapes, and images. The art then becomes a personal reflection of the persons’ life experience, making it a unique form of self – expression. Ztarf Art is available in limited edition giclee prints. My Flagship jewelry line, the Traveling Peace Pendant, is an iconic piece of interfaith jewelry, designed to express the beauty and harmony of all of us working together for a better humanity. The poem, Ones Ability to Love, expresses the spiritual gains one achieves when one is kind and compassionate towards others.

Since its inception, Ztarf Arts has also been dedicated to using environmentally friendly packaging and paper products to support its mission to be socially conscious, and environmentally friendly. In addition, my work enables me to collaborate and build partnerships with local businesses. It is a privilege to share with you my creative endeavors. I hope you enjoy viewing my creations as much as I took pleasure in creating them.